Exporting ideas from the US to the Nordics

October 2022

Modernizing the layaway

August 2022

A primer on SPVs here. LPs (investors) in a typical VC fund are usually charged two and twenty or 2/20. The two refers to an annual management fee, and…
Of course it isn't. But neither is physical retail.

July 2022

Brief update!

May 2022

Brand loyalty programs are boring. Can Web3 change that?

March 2022

I originally published this piece via Interlace Ventures Interlace Ventures is an early stage VC investing in the future of commerce. For the past few…

February 2022

What are SPVs & Syndicates and how do they work? The easiest way to explain SPVs and Syndicates is to first run through the associated terminology, and…
Multi-part article on SPVs and Syndicates